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Mohawk Valley Community College

• Mohawk Valley Community College is a co-educational institution situated at Oneida County in New York.

• It was founded in 1946 and enrolls about 7400 students each year.

• The school has two separate campuses, one in Rome and the other one is in Utica.

• The college endeavors to transform the lives of students by creating a learning environment that will enable them to face global competitions.

• The Utica Branch offers degrees and certificates to the prospective students through the following interdisciplinary Academic Centers:
— Learning and Language Design
— STEM Center
— Arts & Humanities
— Social Sciences, Business & Information Sciences
— Life & Health Sciences

• The college supports students by providing financial assistance through its Student Loan Center.

• However, there are certain requirements that must be fulfilled first. Similarly, there are limitations on the maximum loan amount that can be taken.

• Students eligible for scholarships are provided with specific application deadlines.

• Moreover, the college has facilitated online learning for those students who cannot attend regular classes.

• It offers a wide range of courses that are taught via Internet by first-rate instructors.

• Some of the online learning subjects include:
— Constitutional Law
— Criminology
— Business Communications
— Computer Forensics
— Nutrition & Dietetics etc.

• Apart from the academics, the college takes pride in offering diverse and extensive intercollegiate athletic programs.

• Whether you want to participate as an individual or a team member, the college provides ample athletic opportunities to showcase talents.

• Both women and men are encouraged to participate in athletics such as Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Cross Country, Lacrosse and the like.

• Students who choose to live on campus are provided with many facilities.

• Such facilities include Laundry Services, Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Telephone and Mailbox services.

• A very interesting feature that the college conducts for its residents is the lottery for room selection. The lottery is meant for the purpose of assigning orders in which students will get to choose the rooms.

• Furthermore, the college students are given a platform to showcase their hidden talents through Cultural programs.

• The Cultural programs bring onto campus musicians, artists and other talents.

• Overall, the college strives to provide affordable education that helps to support not only the education needs of the students but also economic development.

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